The Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation is now proudly Envision Greater Fond du Lac, Inc.


If you’re looking for a great place to live, work, and play, look no further than Fond du Lac County! Learn more about why so many people call this community home by watching the video below and exploring the navigation on the right. You’ll learn about our low cost of living, educational amenities, our seasons fit for any kind of activity, and more.

What sets Fond du Lac County apart from all the rest?

  • Shorter commute times: Fond du Lac County is below the national and state average for commute times, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The average Fond du Lac County resident spends 19.5 minutes commuting to work, while Wisconsinites spend 21.3 minutes and U.S. residents average over 25.2 minutes.

A unique mix of business, education, economic resources and skilled workforce make Fond du Lac County a special place to live, work, learn and play with a combination of elements seldom found in other parts of the country.

Visit Fond du Lac today and see all the reasons why we love it, and why Around the Corner with John McGivern also found a destination to love!

Cost of Living

If it costs less to live in Fond du Lac County, in addition to other quality of life benefits, attracting workforce talent can be easier.
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Wisconsin traditionally ranks at the top of ACT scores for the United States, and several of Fond du Lac school districts rank above average within the state.
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Cultural Amenities

From the classic to the eclectic, culture in Fond du Lac County is bountiful, readily available and beyond the expected.
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Sports and Recreation

The surrounding landscape of Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin gives residents and visitors the chance to explore and experience the natural world.
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Four Seasons of Fabulous throughout Fond du Lac County.
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The caliber of healthcare in Fond du Lac County is equivalent to that found in many larger metropolitan areas.
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A safe community translates to peace of mind for all who call it home, and for those who live in Fond du Lac County, peace of mind is in great supply.
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From affordable to historic, simple to stately, rural road to Main Street — your employees and management will be sure to find a home to suit their individual needs in Fond du Lac County.
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